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Entry Doors

Iron entry doors in Phoenix set the tone for your home and can make your home a memorable one. Our line of iron entry doors offers that beautiful first impression but also provide security and quality for years to come. Since we are the manufacturer, we offer standard sizes and any custom size. Also choose from our standard designs or let us help you custom create your own. Though Iron entry doors are usually installed during newly constructed homes, remodels are no problem with our exclusive stepframe ™ option. Our iron entry doors include all hardware and are simple to install. Landmark Iron is your premium source for entry doors in Arizona.

Standard Features:

  • One piece door frame construction
  • No seams and completely sealed against weather and insects
  • The frame is welded together as a no seam unit
  • Lifetime guarantee against door sagging
  • The frame is made out of 120 wall steel (thicker than 14 or 16 gauge steel)
  • The door is made out of 120 wall steel
  • All corners are mitered and gives the doorway strength and sealed against the weather
  • Heavy duty barrel hinges are used to ensure easy use of the door
  • All doors are a one piece door frame unit which allows for a quicker and easier install
  • The frame is attached to the existing frame work of the home
  • Dual pane glass is standard with many upgrade glass package from colored to frosted
  • Standard locks and levers are available to finish off the look of the door
  • All doors are powder coated to hold up to the environment and faux painting is available
  • A steel threshold is used at the bottom of the doorway to add support and seal the door
  • Custom sweeps are used at the bottom of the doorway to seal the door and threshold
  • The doors include a steel lip frame and weather-stripping to ensure a seal

Remodels and door change-outs are a breeze with less hassle and easier installation. All can be done in a day. With no drywall or stucco repair nor is there any need to make any repair to the floor.


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Made in the USA

You may not know this, but many companies have their doors manufactured in Mexico. Their lack of quality is astounding. From our exclusive stepframe ™ option, to the unmistakable quality of a product built in the USA, our entry doors are the best on the market.