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Courtyard Gates

From courtyard and entry gates to fully automated estate gates, there isn’t a gate too big or too small for Landmark Iron.
Any garden or courtyard is yet to be complete without a decorative gate to enclose it. Choose from our designs or design your own!
These gates do not receive wood and can be made in a single or double gate. Double gates get two cane bolts that lock the gate at the bottom to add security. To enclose a gate with side panels please refer to the entryway section. All basic gate packages are built with a 1 inch mitered frame with 1 1/4 inch posts, connected with heavy-duty adjustable gate hinges. The hinges are designed to adjust if there is any movement in the wall. All gates come standard with a gravity latch to lock the gate and can be locked with a pad lock.

Standard Features:

  • Two 1 1/4 inch posts with welded tops
  • 1 x 1 inch mitered frame
  • Two welded adjustable “J bolts” (heavy-duty adjustable hinges)
  • Gravity lock to lock gate
  • 1/2 x 1/2 inch pickets welded 4-5 inches apart
  • Powder coated finish

Other Options:

  • Heavier frame
  • 2 x 2 frame for a luxury look
  • Custom designs
  • Custom locks
  • Build to pool code
  • Custom sizes


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You may not know this, but many companies have their doors manufactured in Mexico. Their lack of quality is astounding. From our exclusive stepframe ™ option, to the unmistakable quality of a product built in the USA, our entry doors are the best on the market.